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Sep  26
2017 OPERS Fest
Sep  28
First Day of Class

Resource Centers Statement on DACA

In anticipation of the White House administration's announcement regarding changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the UCSC Resource Centers reaffirm our commitment and full support of and to all undocumented students.
We strongly condemn any action or policy that further strips already limited protections from undocumented youth, as this is in direct conflict with the values and mission of our work. Our message and steadfast commitment to undocumented students remain the same:
The UCSC Resource Centers reiterate that we move in solidarity with, and will continue to advocate for Muslims, refugees and undocumented citizens, queer and trans folk, people with disabilities, people of color, Indigenous communities, women and all of the people at the various intersections of these identities.  We recognize that students and campus community members may feel that our initial fears of hateful rhetoric during the elections, are becoming a disturbing reality in policy and practice. This is not normal. And the community response, the voice and power of everyday people organizing, has been extraordinary.
We are strong. We are resilient. We are here for you. We are moving forward together.
The Resource Centers will continue to hold space for folks to process, to breathe, and to come together as a community. We will support students in overcoming any barriers they encounter as a result of these and future unjust and oppressive actions. We encourage students to take advantage of support services, and invite students to contact staff members by phone or email if you don't feel comfortable coming into the office.
African American Resource and Cultural Center http://aarcc.ucsc.edu/
American Indian Resource Center http://airc.ucsc.edu/
Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center http://aapirc.ucsc.edu/
El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center http://elcentro.ucsc.edu/
Lionel Cantú Queer Center http://queer.ucsc.edu/
Educational Opportunity Programs http://eop.ucsc.edu/
Undocumented Student Services located at Educational Opportunity Programs:  http://eop.ucsc.edu/undocumented_student_services/index.html
Educators For Fair Consideration (E4FC) http://e4fc.org

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