Chicano Latino Year End Ceremony

Graduates 2016

Chicano Latino Year End Ceremony (CLYEC) is a community celebration for students of the University of California, Santa Cruz that self-identify with the Chicanx and Latinx community on campus. For over forty years the Chicanx and Latinx commencement has celebrated the academic and cultural successes of graduating seniors with live music, MC, guest speakers, refreshments, and a 3-5 second acknowledgement from graduating students. 

49th Annual CLYEC date TBA!

Please contact El Centro at, if you have any questions.

Annually, the CLYEC committee is formed by interns, volunteers, and faculty of El Centro, and work diligently to inform graduating seniors of the benefits of graduating with the Chicanx and Latinx community on campus. Since CLYEC has stemmed from a handful of students to a campus recognized commencement, the ceremony includes preplanned meetings, hand-made Sash (Sarapes) workshops, and a last informal gathering named Despedida (Farewell) a few weeks before the commencement. Last year, Class of 2017 exceeded a little over three hundred students and is expected to continue to grow since the percentage of Latinx at the UCSC campus are growing exponentially every year.