Interning at El Centro

El Centro’s Internship is a great way for new and continuing students to develop a sense of awareness with UCSC’s Chicanx Latinx communities and mass diversity surrounding it. Students work on an independent study course while gaining pre-professional experience and contributing to the Chicanx Latinx community efforts! This internship allows students to plan events, gain experience in formulating publications, and discover outreach techniques that make a difference. In addition, interns have the opportunity to experience a variety of diverse events, and consequently become more attuned with their culture. 

The application process opens at the end of every academic school year, student interns receive 5 academic units from the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies department for their participation in the internship. There is a requirement of completing 120 hours each quarter, this opportunity is best suited for students who want to be involved or hold a leadership role within El Centro. Applicants are highly encouraged to commit at least 2 academic quarters for the internship with a year long commitment preffered. There are also mandatory trainings and meetings the applicant must attend including the Intern Orientation ususally the first weekend of every quarter, and weekly Staff/Intern meetings to update and discuss the status of events and projects. 

Applicants who are seleceted for the internship will gain valuable skills, experience, and an opportunity to develop professionally. For more information please contact Xiomara Lopez directly at