El Centro Volunteer Opportunities

¡Participa! At El Centro, our efforts promote cultural affirmation, social justice values, community service, and leadership development. There are many opportunities to get involved in and take a direct part with the events and programs at El Centro. Volunteers are a vital part of our team, without the many volunteers who devote countless hours at our events and programs much of what El Centro has accomplished would not have been possible. 

Take the lead in organizing an El Centro event, create an altar for Dia de los Muertos alongside your peers, get experience creating fliers and marketing materials or inspire youth through our community presentations and school visits. 

By volunteering at El Centro, participants will:

  • advance the mission and values of El Centro and the UCSC Resource Centers 
  • gain valuable experience while working to put on events and programs that benefit the UCSC community as well as the experiences of Latiné students at this university. This may include but is not limited to program planning, administrative tasks, tabling at events, and supporting El Centro events
  • connect and inspire youth and families during school visits and student panels
  • receive knowledge regarding social justice and equity, build community with the Latiné community, opportunities to improve public speaking, themtor/femtor/mentorship opportunities from El Centro and Resource Center Staff, future letter of recommendations, and appreciation events at the end of each year
  • participate in a Volunteer Orientation and receive an El Centro volunteer welcome package

If you are interested in volunteering for El Centro, please submit your application to the Volunteer Program. The application goes live every quarter. Note: You only have to complete the application process and orientation once! If you have been a previous volunteer all you have to do is email El Centro, let them know you have been a volunteer before, and if there are volunteer shifts that are vacant.

If you have questions, please contact El Centro Director Xiomara Lopez at elcentro@ucsc.edu