Undocumented and AB540 Student Resources

El Centro is committed to seeking out and providing resources, support networks, and personal support for undocumented and AB 540 Students at UCSC. We work collaboratively with EOP AB540 services as well as various student organizations such as SIN (Students Informing Now), that educate the Chicanx Latinx and campus communities on the issues and concerns of undocumented students. It is through collaboration with supporting groups and through providing various resources on and off campus, that we hope to support undocumented and AB540 students reassuring them that college is possible despite the obstacles, creating a safe and supportive community, not asking students to self-identify, and building a support network of allies/advocates/student organizations/university offices & departments. To find out more on the AB 540 resources click on the title.

What is AB540?

AB540 signed into California state law on October 12, 2001, authorizes undocumented students who meet specific criteria to pay in-state tuition at California’s public colleges and universities. Any undocumented student, except a person in nonimmigrant status, who meets the requirements, shall be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at all public colleges and universities in California.
The Requirements:
  • Must have attended a California high school for 3 years or more,
  • Must have graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent (GED),
  • Registered or currently be enrolled at a public California college or university.

Students must also file an affidavit stating they meet the requirements and will apply for legal residency as soon as they are eligible to do so. This affidavit is kept confidential by the college/university and by law is not to be shared with BCIS (formerly INS).
AB540 only provides an exemption to the requirements to pay nonresident tuition. It does not apply to private colleges and universities, it does not grant state or federal financial aid eligibility, or grant legal residency to qualifying students.
A copy of the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request form can be obtain by clicking here.

Submit this Application & Affidavit, and the Statement of Legal Residency Form to:
UCSC Office of the Registrar,
1156 High Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95064.
Fax: (831) 459-2737.
E-mail: reg_fees@ucsc.edu.

For a Brief Overview of Undocumented Immigrant Student’s Access to Higher Education in California, Visit: 

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