El Centro Staff 2015

Pachanga is an annual event that highlights Afro-Latino culture. Since the 16th century, Latino and African cultures have been heavily influenced by each other as a result of the arrival of Africans to Latin America.

9th Annual Pachanga

Date TBA!


The Spanish empire attempted to destroy African identities and cultures, but were unsuccessful. Thus, allowing African music the ability to thrive in Latin America. African music consists of a variety of unique instruments that have been adapted by latin american music, such as the conga, the kora, and the marimba. These instruments have rich sounds that can switch from soft to upbeat tempos.

To this day Afro-latinos are underrepresented, and as a result, they struggle to receive recognition from both African-Americans and Latinos. Through music, Pachanga seeks to demonstrate the relationship that exists between African and Latino roots and the way in which they come together to create a unified culture: Afro-Latinos.

Pachanga is organized by student interns from the Chicano Latino Resource Center and the African American Resource and Cultural Center, as well as its many affiliates from the UCSC community. It is through live music, funky beats, and groovy dance moves that the spirit of Pachanga carries on every year at UCSC.