The Big Break

Big Break 2017

"The Big Break!" is a free community holiday celebration, involving food, crafts, games, and music.

Students will be able to de-stress at the end of the quarter, in a culturally diverse community setting. They will get fed and have opportunities to make crafts and cards, to give to their friends and family. Staff from various campus units and support programs volunteer and help out at craft tables, with the idea that during the stressful time of the quarter, students will connect with staff and peers in an informal safe setting. Additionally, new students who are learning to live away from home on a budget and may have run low on funds by the end of the quarter, will get some good comfort food and create gifts for the holidays.

This annual event originally came out of the Educational Opportunity Programs and Success STrategies and Opportunities Collaborative, which include the Resource Centers (now Student Leadership Institute). At its height, the event attendance was 600+. Unfortunately, due and budget limitations, EOP and SSTOC have not funded the event in several years.